My PRP Experience

My PRP Experience

My name is Katie, I work at Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine and I just wanted to share my experience with microneedling PRP. I was initially interested in trying microneedling with PRP because I have two scars above and below my right eye and have heard that this treatment would be beneficial in making them less noticeable. I had also heard that it can reduce the appearance of pores, (who doesn’t want smaller pores?) so I went ahead and had the microneedling done to my entire face instead of just where my scars are present. 

Before we started the microneedling the medical staff had to draw my blood so that they could spin it down to get my plasma (the PRP). The plasma was not only used as a gliding agent, but also to help heal my face faster as well. We applied our prescription grade topical anesthesia to my face with consists of Lidocaine, Benzocaine and Tetracaine. We let this sit on my face for 45 minutes, so that took full effect and so that the treatment would be as comfortable as possible. Once my blood was spun down to plasma and my topical numbing had completely kicked in we began the microneedling process. Microneedling is not the most comfortable procedure, but it is by no means painful and I 100% would do it again and suggest it to anyone who has ever thought about trying it. The procedure itself took only about twenty minutes so in all the entire process lasted a little over an hour. 

My face was red and felt fairly raw the night of the procedure. My face was also pretty dry and red for about 3-4 days after receiving the microneedling. I liberally used my Dermalogica Calm Water Gel and after the first night I experienced no pain. I was able to apply makeup after the second day but chose not to, as I wanted to give my skin time to breathe. I had amazing results from microneedling PRP, not only did it decrease the appearance of my scars but also the appearance of my pores. The difference was absolutely noticeable and I have gotten many compliments on my skin with and without makeup. I absolutely plan to keep doing microneedling treatments with PRP as I had amazing results and it helps my skin to look bright, plump and healthy!

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