But how much time will I be down?

But how much time will I be down?

Making time to get to appointments is one thing, but extended down time is something we rarely have time for. Aesthetic treatments are a time for us to unwind and spend a little time on ourselves; but we don’t always have to be out for days after our appointments.

As with most anything, aesthetic treatments have a range in which they can be preformed. Laser treatments are adaptable to the patients they treat. Energy levels are able to be adjusted, not only to ensure appropriate downtime, but also totreat specific skin types.

Not all laser are created equal

There is a wide array of laser treatments, and they are definitely not all created equal. They target different levels of skin, energies are distributed differently, and they all treat different concerns. Some lasers disrupt the surface of the skin (i.e. ablative lasers), and some work by heating up the surface of the skin, but do not actually disrupt the top layer of the skin (i.e. non-ablative lasers). As such, the downtimes vary greatly depending on which treatment you are getting.

Have “The Talk”

Most importantly, talk with your medical provider about your treatments! If you do not have extra time for redness, soreness, or are not able to avoid the sun, speak up! There are adjustments that can be made. Here at Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic medicine your treatment plan will be customized to you. If you don’t have downtime, no problem! We will find the perfect treatment for your aesthetic concerns and your lifestyle!

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