What is a lip lift?

  • A Lip Lift is a simple, in-office surgical procedure to elevate the upper lip.
  • The upper lip gets longer with age and contributes to a droopy, tired appearance. In these patients, filler just weighs the lip down more and makes the problem worse!
  • The lip lift can either shorten the distance between the nose and mouth to give a subtle, beautiful lift or it can increase the amount of “red show” for a lip that is naturally very thin

Before and After

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Are you a good candidate?

  • If you feel the distance between your nose and lip is too long
  • Previous bad experience with lip fillers, which made the lips appear heavy and long instead of plump and balanced

Is anesthesia required?

  • If this is the only procedure you are having performed then is can easily be done under just local anesthesia, much like a dental operation. However, if the lip lift is being combined with additional procedures that require deeper anesthesia, then is would simply be included in the overall plan.

What is recovery like?

  • Immediately following the procedure the upper lip will be sore and swollen to varying degrees. Swelling typically gets worse for the first several days and, in some cases, can be dramatic. This is a normal part of healing and not dangerous.
  • Activity is restricted for several days and slowly re-introduced.
  • Exercise and exertion should be avoided for approximately two weeks.
  • The initial healing period is generally 2-3 weeks, with more enjoyable results settling in around 2-3 months later.
  • The scar heals over several months to a year or more, improving with time.




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