Neck Lift Surgery

  • A neck lift can significantly improve the appearance of your neck by refreshing your appearance to shed years off of your overall facial profile.
  • Depending on your aesthetic goals, along with the degree of skin laxity that you have, you can choose to combine a neck lift with neck liposuction to remove any submental fat that has been resistant to diet and exercise for a more comprehensive look.
  • In order to perform a successful neck lift procedure, the underlying tissues need to be tightened without removing too much skin.

Before and After

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Are you a candidate?

  • Sagging skin creating a “turkey neck”
  • Loose platysma muscles causing “neck bands” 
  • Stubborn fat isolated to the neck resulting in a “double chin”

In addition to the physical characteristics of most neck lifts candidates, patients should also be in good general health, non-smokers with a positive outlook, and realistic expectations for the procedure's outcome.




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