What is a Brow lift?

  • A brow lift is a custom surgical procedure to lift the brow structure, smooth lines and creases, and restore your brows to a youthful position. This procedure also subtly lifts the eyelids to create a more open, well-rested facial appearance overall.

Before and After

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Are you a candidate?

  • Deeply-etched creases across your forehead
  • You appear tired or angry, even when well rested 
  • One eyebrow is higher than the other
  • Your eyelids are dropping 
  • You have a heavy, thick, overhanging brow
  • Your facial tissues have drifted down, with your eyebrows lower

A brow lift can be combined with other procedures such as blepharoplasty (eye lift), laser resurfacing, chemical peels to complement your result.




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