My Experience with BOTOX Cosmetics

My Experience with BOTOX Cosmetics

Hello, I’m Morgan and I’m a medical assistant here at Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. My experience with Botox injections here at Jazzi has been amazing and worth sharing!

Although I am young and my skin hasn’t yet experienced advanced aging, I was interested in Botox to prevent existing wrinkles from getting worse and new ones from forming. My primary concerns were wrinkles I had on my forehead, glabella (region in between the eyebrows), and wrinkles around my eyes. The clinical staff also informed me that Botox could be used around the mouth to perform what is called a “lip flip”. For this, they inject Botox around the mouth, resulting in a plumper appearance.

Before the procedure even started, the medical staff was so welcoming and comforting throughout the process. I expressed how nervous I was and they were attentive to make sure my nerves were eased. Our nurse practitioner assessed my face to determine how many units I would need in each area. The treatment areas were cleaned off with alcohol. While the nurse practitioner administered the Botox, an assistant held a pulse facial massager close to the injection area to vibrate and distract my brain, resulting in a decrease in pain during the injection.

Immediately after the injections, the medical staff discussed aftercare with me. They told me not to lay down for 4 hours after the treatment, work out for 24 hours, or fly for 48 hours afterwards. I personally didn’t experience bruising, but some people do have small bruises that appear after their treatments and go away in a couple days.

I am extremely happy with my results. The appearance of the wrinkles I already had have softened and I’m unable to make any new wrinkles in the areas I was treated. I no longer get creases in my makeup from my wrinkles and I feel like I have a much more youthful look. I am most excited about taking these preventative measures to combat aging so I won’t have to do as much to fight my skin aging as I get older.

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