Lip Lift – Do I need one?

Lip Lift – Do I need one?

The middle oval of the face ages in a vertical sag. Meaning, the oval from the top of the nose to the bottom of the chin, we sag vertically as compared to a down and to the middle direction for the remaining face. 


As we age, the lower one third of the face; from right below the nose to the bottom of the chin lengthens vertically. This gives the appearance we attribute to an aged look. One way we correct this and reverse the appearance of aging is through a simple and powerful surgery called a lip lift. 

A lip lift is a surgery performed on an out – patient basis. We perform this surgery in our surgery center under IV sedation or general anesthesia (either scenarios you will not feel anything or remember anything). We make an incision right in the crease where the nose meets the upper lip. Each patient’s incision is designed differently to accomplish a unique goal of shortening the lip vertically and turning the upper lip out. The incision design is based on the length of the upper lip and the changes we plan for in increase in fullness of the upper lip. 

Results are permanent. And so is aging. What I mean by “so is aging” is that we continue to age and the surgery done today will not prevent aging tomorrow. Although most surgeons, including myself would argue that early surgery will slow down future aging and sagging.

Recovery is patient specific but swelling, bruising and some slight to moderate discomfort is to be expected. I use Exparel (local anesthesia that lasts 3 days) to keep discomfort in check. I also use IV steroids intraoperatively (during the surgery) to mitigate some swelling. Lastly, I love to use high dose IV and oral vitamins and supplements to reduce bruising. I use a combination of permanent and dissolvable sutures.

Anytime I make an incision that is visible, Scar Prevention is always in our surgical plan. I use a combination of lasers, mechanical treatments as well as cellular medicine to reduce the risk of scarring. 

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