Bye Bye Wrinkles: CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Bye Bye Wrinkles: CO2 Laser Resurfacing

At Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine we use the best of the best! Our Fractional CO2 Laser is the Phoenix-15 from Rohrer Aesthetics, a class IV laser. The treatment can be performed anywhere on the body. Patients typically receive a topical anesthetic to the desired treatment area for comfort during the procedure. Energy settings can be dialed to the patient’s suggested downtime for best results. Downtime is determined by how many days a patient feels he or she can stay home, rest, and be red.

For patients who desire a deeper treatment for quicker results this is an option as well! We can use a topical anesthetic if the patient tolerates or we can even perform the procedure under IV sedation! We are anesthesia certified and the clinical team, including our physician and nurse practitioners will be by your side the whole way!

Call today for a complimentary consultation to see if Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing would be right for you! (859) 888-1616

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