JFK Plaza (AKA Love Park): A Symbol of Love and Unity in Philadelphia

In the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, JFK Plaza, affectionately known as Love Park, holds a special place in the city’s history and culture. Renowned for its iconic LOVE sculpture and vibrant ambiance, the park symbolizes love, unity, and community for both locals and visitors. Visit this link for more information.

The Origin of Love Park:

JFK Plaza, originally known as Penn Square, was designed by Edmund Bacon and opened in 1965. It was named in honor of President John F. Kennedy, and over the years, it became a popular gathering place for events and public activities. However, it was in 1976 that the park gained its famous nickname and defining feature. Read about Suraya: A Mediterranean Oasis in Philadelphia here.

The Iconic LOVE Sculpture:

In 1976, the city of Philadelphia commissioned renowned artist Robert Indiana to create a sculpture for the city’s bicentennial celebration. The result was the now-iconic LOVE sculpture, which quickly became a symbol of the city. The statue, featuring the word “LOVE” in bold, colorful letters stacked on each other, has since become one of the most recognized public artworks in the world. Visitors from all corners of the globe flock to Love Park to take photographs of the sculpture and share the message of love and unity it represents.

An Urban Oasis:

Love Park’s design and layout have evolved over the years to cater to the needs of its visitors. The park offers a welcome respite from the urban hustle and bustle, with ample green spaces, shaded seating areas, and a beautiful fountain that provides a soothing soundtrack. This urban oasis invites locals and tourists alike to relax, unwind, and enjoy the city’s vibrant energy.

A Hub for Community Events:

Throughout the year, JFK Plaza hosts many community events and celebrations. Love Park is a vibrant hub for diverse gatherings that bring together people from all walks of life, from cultural festivals and music concerts to art exhibitions and seasonal markets.

Love Park’s Renovation and Redesign:

Love Park underwent extensive renovations in recent years to enhance its appeal and accessibility—the project aimed to preserve the park’s historical significance while adding modern elements. The park’s redesign maintained the iconic LOVE sculpture as its centerpiece while incorporating new features like improved seating, upgraded lighting, and enhanced landscaping.


JFK Plaza, affectionately known as Love Park, holds a special place in the hearts of Philadelphians and visitors alike. With its iconic LOVE sculpture, vibrant ambiance, and status as a hub for community events, Love Park stands as a symbol of love, unity, and togetherness in the City of Brotherly Love. From its historical roots to recent renovations, Love Park continues to be a beloved and cherished destination, inviting all who enter to share in the spirit of love and celebration it embodies.

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